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When you are accused of committing a crime – especially a serious one – your whole world can feel turned upside down. Everything you cherish – family, liberty, reputation, job – is in jeopardy.

Robyn can help. Since 2006, Robyn has defended clients accused of crimes in state and federal courts throughout Southwest Idaho. Whether you are wrongfully accused or did something wrong, the prosecution’s accusations never paint a complete picture. Thus, the first step in achieving the best possible outcome in any kind of case is understanding what happened and why. Next, Robyn uses her extensive knowledge of criminal and constitutional law to determine whether law enforcement broke the law in gathering its evidence against you. Robyn can then develop a plan to achieve the best possible outcome, whether dismissal, acquittal or plea.

Robyn handles appeals — the procedure for asking a higher court to reverse the decision of a lower court — and has convinced the Idaho Supreme Court, Idaho Court of Appeals and several district courts to reverse trial court decisions for her clients.

Countless federal and state agencies impact your rights and liberties. If an agency infringes on a property or liberty interest protected by the Constitution — whether by taking away your driver’s license or placing you on an abuse registry — the agency must notify you and give you an opportunity to challenge the decision. Robyn has assisted clients in challenging decisions made by a wide variety of such agencies.

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